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Online restaurant booking system (table reservation)
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Online restaurant booking system (table reservation)

The online restaurant booking system is easy to configure from the restaurant admin panel, where there is a dedicated section to set up reservations.

The new option may be found in the admin panel, Setup section >> Services & opening hours >> Table reservation section, like this:

  • After enabling Table reservation, the restaurant may offer its clients also the option to Order ahead: 

How to add Table reservation to the website

The menu widget HTML code needs to be added again the restaurant website. The updated code is in the section Publishing >> Legacy website: 

Restaurants that use the Sales optimized website simply need to enable Table reservation, the button will be added automatically to the website. 

How table bookings are received in the restaurant app

The process is similar to that of receiving orders – the app will alert the restaurant staff about incoming bookings, and there will be a clear difference between food orders and table reservations. 

Similar to food orders, email notifications may be set for table bookings, in Advanced settings >> Notifications: