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built just for your restaurant

All-in-one restaurant food ordering solution.
Your brand. Your customers. No commissions.


Online Food Ordering Built Just For Your Restaurant

We are possibly the only online food ordering provider that offers the option of a free solution for restaurants (with paid support and upgrades). It is so easy to set up and run our ordering system that you can start using it within a few hours.

This online ordering system for restaurants allows you to take online orders directly through your website and Facebook page. After creating your restaurant account with us and entering restaurant information (name, address, working hours, services, etc.), you start entering your menu through a simple drag ‘n’ drop menu builder. If you can’t figure out how it works or don’t have the time, our support can help.


No coding skills required, no trick questions or long forms to fill out – anybody can do it!

Once you have finished setting up the restaurant, you can now launch your online menu on your website (to the top of the home page where it is most visible to customers) as well as to your Facebook page.

If you do not have a website, you can run our Sales Optimized Website within a few minutes and edit it directly through your restaurant dashboard.

To receive real-time notifications of new online orders, all you need to do is download our Restaurant Order Taking App, for your iOS or Android mobile device. When the order arrives, the app rings and gives you the option to accept or reject the order, as well as specify the time required for pick-up or delivery.


Online food ordering has never been easier.

In order for your customers to order, all they have to do is click on the button on your Web or Facebook page, and your menu will pop up.

From your menu, they can choose dishes, portions, toppings, leave notes and choose the option of delivery or pick-up (depending on which services you enable).

Once you confirm the order, they will see the expected delivery or pick-up time, and will receive an email receipt of their order.

The menu is optimized for mobile devices, so customers can order from their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

One FREE month full access!

Please notice that optional PREMIUM services are not included in this free period