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Disclaimers for alcohol sales & other special terms
Setting up the menu FAQ section:
Disclaimers for alcohol sales & other special terms

There are cases when the restaurant needs to display special terms (e.g. for alcohol sales) – there are 3 ways to achieve this with our system:

  • Add a custom text in the final cart with the disclaimer: “If your order includes alcohol, please write your driver’s license id in the comment field below. We reserve the right to reject your order otherwise.” The custom cart text may appear like this:
  • Create a mandatory add-on group with a compulsory opted-in or opted-out check box and a text saying “I am over 21 years old and my driving license is in the special instructions box below “ or some other relevant text, to explicitly show it to clients on every alcohol item they add to the cart.
  • Similar with this offline coupon prompt but…with the appropriate text for the purpose you’ve just explained:
  • Or place the “See MENU & Order” button from us on a page of the restaurant’s website that is accessible only after the clients have answered to some qualifying questions.

Warning: the more steps and questions are introduced in the sales process, the lower the sales conversion will be.

How to inform customers about possible allergens in the food? 

Given the fact that a restaurant typically need to have such allergen information available anyway (probably in a written form of a flyer), we suggest to not crowd the menu with this, as the menu is designed to be mainly a sales tool. 

A custom text can be added in the cart, referencing the page on the website where such information can be found, or simply add the information in the website without mentioning it in the menu.