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3 minutes order acceptance time
Manage online orders FAQ section:
3 minutes order acceptance time

The app generates an alert every time a new order appears. The available time to accept or reject the order is 3 minutes, during which time the ringing continues. Please note, this is about 6 times as long as a client would wait until hanging up the phone. The client is waiting on-screen for the confirmation during these 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, if the order is not processed, we mark it as “missed” and display a message to the client, including the restaurant’s phone number and recommend to call.

Most restaurants accept orders 95% of all orders in less than 55 seconds. They place the tablet in a location and train a few members of the staff on how to accept an order and insert it into the POS system.

Can this interval be adjusted in the administration panel? 

The restaurant account holder doesn’t have the possibility to change the 3 minutes interval. 

We also will not change the timer to more than 3 minutes. The food clients are waiting on screen for the order confirmation and they would like to see right away how long it takes to deliver or pick up. We have found  that this real-time, on-screen experience is something clients highly value so they come back over and over again to place more orders.