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Can we have predefined order rejection auto-reasons?
Manage online orders FAQ section:
Can we have predefined order rejection auto-reasons?

We would like to eliminate any phone call case and just give food clients an auto-reason for rejection.

This is not supported nor recommended.  We’re not going to provide such capability because we anyway tell clients in the rejection that their order may have been rejected for exactly one of those three high-level and frequent reasons so there is nothing significantly better or more relevant the restaurant can do for them with more “specific” rejection options. 

Important is that you won’t serve them because of some good reason (which we list) and they got the idea from the rejection messages like this:

or this 

This is a “not so nice to have” feature. If the restaurant rejects a client’s order, then the next best thing to do is to call that client, apologize about the slow reaction and ask if they are still interested to  order something else, right there via phone (this is what top selling restaurants do). This is a request meant to make it easier and more comfortable for the restaurant’s staff to reject or miss orders while completely killing any customer care effort because the rejection cases are so many that they need some more automation.

So just rejecting the order with a predefined reason is not nicer nor better, clients still won’t be happy. And if clients don’t like something, sales will drop. And if a restaurant wants to drop sales … we’re not going to help them automate this.

When it comes to partial reject, also read how we propose to handle relaunching a modified order, here