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Advanced promo engine (paid service)
Promotions and campaigns FAQ section:
Advanced promo engine (paid service)

What is the advanced promo engine | How to unlock a promotion 

The advanced promo engine offers 6 additional templates from the ones included in the free service:

  • Meal bundle
  • Buy 2,3,… get one free
  • Free dish or discounted item as part of a meal
  • Fixed discount amount on combo deal
  • % discount on combo deal
  • Meal bundle with speciality

The advanced promo engine is a subscription-based service that costs 19 USD/month/restaurant/location (account). It allows you to run multiple promotions at the same time and it gives you access to several, more complex promo templates that are not available in the free module. 

To unlock the advanced promo engine, go to admin -> Marketing -> Promotions -> Your promotions, and click on the lock marking the advanced promo templates, like this:

The advanced promo templates allow you to create promotions like: 

  • Meal bundles where you can group certain menu items for a fixed price (Example: Any 2 appetizers + 2 main dishes + 2 desserts => All for $55!)
  • Discounts on combos where you can offer a percentage or fixed cost discount on menu item combinations (Example: Buy any main dish plus dessert and get 10% (or $5) off.)

These advanced templates are slightly more difficult to set up. Make sure you have gone through some tests before enabling them to see how they work.

This is how customers will see these promotions when they open your menu:


You can experiment with our promo features and client ordering flow using our demo restaurant: Try it from a mobile device and the Facebook page as well to cover all bases.