Who’s in charge?

As a restaurant owner it’s easy to get excited about a big food portal. It solves the issue of not having an online presence and online ordering. Moreover, they have a huge pool of users and a marketing budget.

Reality strikes when you do the math: huge setup fees plus a two figures commission for each order. These costs could be considered marketing investment. But are you also willing to pay commision for every single order your loyal customers make?

When you draw the line, how long can your business afford paying for orders from Just Eat and Foodpanda type of portals without building a returning client base?

Food Portals alternative you can afford

The online ordering system by FoodBooking is a great food portal’s alternative. Restaurants can take infinite online orders with:

  • No commissions
  • No binding contracts

Take a fraction of what you would spend with Food portals in a year and invest in building your own website (if you don’t have it already). Print some leaflets and let your customers know you accept online orders.