Using third party SMS services

On local level, almost everywhere, there are good services and local agencies providing this but if you look for a generic global recommendation, for email you can start with Mailchimp.


To create an SMS campaign, you may get some inspiration from here:


For SMSs, you may try

For professionals, there are also API-based services such as https://www.twilio.com

The professional solutions may provide better reports and handling of data, in full compliance with GDPR even if more people are involved in the process.
Additionally they may also provide a tool-free number for the STOP replies. e.g. https://www.sendmode.com/gdpr-compliant-opt-sendmode

Based on the scale of the restaurant’s operations, one may decide if it’s worth using professional services or not.

Before sending bulk SMS messages:

In order to comply with local the privacy regulations, in most countries you should at least add a piece of text such as “reply STOP via SMS or WhatsApp to opt-out” or “reply STOP via SMS or email@restaurantdomain.com to opt-out”.

Just make sure you keep that phone that is used for sending SMSs in a safe place and quickly unsubscribe all users that requests to be unsubscribed, in full compliance with GDPR  or other local regulations.

Important: in some countries you may be specifically required by the local legislation to provide a toll free number for people to reply on unsubscribe. If that’s the case you should contact one or the local mobile network operators in order to get such number as a special service or to rent one from a local value added service providers specialized in this type of activities.

In any case, we strongly advice to consult a local legal advisor in order to make sure if and how you can roll our such activity.


Using a bulk SMS app with your device+SIM card

There are some Android apps designed for this particular scenario which may help send SMSs more effectively, for instance this one:

Here are some steps you may follow in order to effectively use such app.

If you plan to use such app then you may download the CSV list of ordering clients from the restaurant’s ordering admin area, like here:


2. Import it into the respective app, like this:


Useful tip : map the “marketing consent” field into a field that the  app already has on the main list  display but you don’t really use. Like this:


3. This will help you further on in the process to easily exclude the people that have not given you the permission to follow up with them with commercially related information about similar product to the ones that they have already ordered.

Just sort by the marketing consent column and unsubscribe/delete all people without a YES answer there. Like this:


4. Tweak and test your sending settings and then blast your SMS message, like this:


If you have set this correctly the people replying “stop” via SMS will be automatically unsubscribed and displayed accordingly in their messaging group like this: 


5. You may need to unsubscribe manually the ones replying via email (unless you decide to also use some email marketing module too):


6. Every time you want to make a new SMS blast make sure that FIRST:

– You delete all current subscribed people from the  contacts list and KEEP only those that appear as unsubscribed, like this:


– Re-download the latest list of clients from the ordering system – basically repeating steps 1 to 3.
This way you’ll get the new people that are open to receive SMSs from you but without wrongly sending SMSs to some people that in the meantime may have unsubscribed themselves from inside the ordering system or replying directly to your SMS campaigns.

If you are considering in-sourcing email servers and campaigns:

Unless you really know what you are doing we recommend to not even think about in-sourcing  your email campaigns because you’ll either get blacklisted, sued, or have little to no results. Just stick with Mailchimp-like services.

Important for partners: if you plan to do emailing activities on behalf of the restaurants please note that you are fully responsible to do this in full compliance with the local privacy laws and regulations. Failing to respect local regulation may lead to potential disputes with food clients and therefore we may have to stop working with you and suspend you account. So be careful about it.

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