How to drive traffic and sales to the restaurant website?

There are several methods of generating more traffic to the restaurant website:

  • claimed and verified Google Business listing pointing to the correct restaurant website and address
  • regular posts on Facebook that link to the website
  • regular newsletter/promotional emails or text message campaigns that link to the website
  • printed materials (flyers, info cards etc) that link to the website (like coupon code on a print material that can be used on the website to claim a discount or whatever other benefit)

Use the methods mentioned above to teach the restaurant’s clients about the new website that allows online ordering. It is perfectly fine to use other ordering platforms to attract new customers, but ideally they should order the next time from the website. Not only that the restaurant saves money, but it will also drive traffic to its website.

Just to set the expectations right, it takes a bit of time for a website on a new domain (or an existing domain that was unused) to get the ranking high in Google. Ranking depends on many factors, including: SEO technics, traffic, backlinks.

The flyer is the most important technique for the start. Then there are some other things that can be done.

Here is a sum-up of the things that would get first orders a.s.a.p. and set the stage for organic growth Included services

Menu insertion

Like this:

Like this:

SOW (Sales Optimized Website)

Purchase and activate a domain for SOW service from us

First promo template setup

This should be aimed towards new online clients or existing clients that try for the first time the new online ordering setup. If you don’t have a better idea, we recommend a 20% discount on first order for the most popular main course dish /item.

Like this:

Print the first 500 flyers

Flyers should be used at least on each food package at pick-up or delivery and always on every table inside the restaurant (as the case may be).
on call

Display a larger format print/poster

The restaurant should display such poster behind the counter or at the entrance door/window to the restaurant (use the resource from marketing area).

Like this, or maybe also highlighting their online promo deal if they plan to keep it for a while longer – this will be a very effective way to inform all walk-in people and turn them into online orderers too

Use the Facebook page

Set up a Facebook page (if none yet available) and use the SOW url there. Also use the Facebook smart link to make a pinned post about the promo for the 1st time clients

First boosted and pinned post on Facebook

Similar promo deal+ picture content should also be used to create their first boosted or pinned post on facebook (using the smart link we provide in the admin area

Use the Google Business page

Set up the Google Business page (if none yet available) and make sure you use the SOW url there
Here is how:

Use other local linking (TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc)

Claim also the TripAdvisor profile for them and the profile.   Here again – put the SOW-url as website link in there and make sure the  street address is always correct and written in the same way all over  these places.

Send SMSes

Send the first batch of SMSes about the 1st time online promo to existing phone ordering clients
Here is how the restaurant manager may SMS all his contact clients:

When food orders are over 50 but below 100 per month

Start doing Facebook boosted posts weekly. Here is how:
When food orders are over 100 per month

Activate advanced multi-promo mode and run more type of promos simultaneously  as needed, targeting reordering, 1st clients, big spenders, etc.

Start doing online adds

How should I approach paid advertisement and how much should we tell restaurants that it’s going to cost?

This is very much depending on local charges of Google and Facebook. And the right price depends a lot on how many other restaurants are  bidding on keywords there and how much.

Read more about Facebook campaign objectivestargeting Facebook adsbudgeting ads, and how to create a Facebook ad.

Also read about Google Adwords: advertisingkeywordscreating adsbidding and budgeting and more.

For start you could try making them one ad-words (search campaign) total budget spent about 70 $ per restaurant (AFAIK for the first 20$ spent on ad-words Google gives another 50$ as gift  coupon)  and boosted  post (5-10,20-30$) on Facebook for online ordering..

Make use of the re-targeting functionality in ad-words so that anyone that visit their website and does not order (ordered too long ago) gets exposed to a  banner or  promo deal every-time they surf the internet.

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