Working with other Bluetooth printers

The auto-printing image function within the online ordering system works only with supported printers. However, if you do have an unsupported Bluetooth printer and you wish to use it to print orders, then you may try the following workaround.

For this you need to install this small app made by a 3rd party developer:

Then you just have to pair any Android device with any Bluetooth printer, open the app presented above, press “scan” -> “select printer” then close the app as it runs in the background.

When you get an order, instead of “print” you need to tap the “copy to clipboard” option and the Bluetooth printer that you’ve connected on the previous step will automatically print the order.

The solution was tested with these two generic and affordable Bluetooth 46 -58 mm printers:…/dp/B0753B5KYG/ref=sr_1_10…

Disclaimer: Bluetooth printers are not the best way to connect. Every time you lose connection you need to redo all the printing setup steps because their implementation of the Bluetooth protocol is very basic, they will not auto-reconnect like a pair of modern headphones once the Bluetooth connectivity is restored. And they will lose connectivity often: on each app restart, on any printer restart, when you move the device further than 5 meters, etc. This will lead to frustrations and support incidents.

This is why we still recommend LAN printers as first choice. The next best thing is to at least get the order-taking device and the Bluetooth printer mounted on a holder to avoid un-pairing:

In addition, try to use printers that also have a backup battery with micro USB so you can connect the phone to the printer and it will always charge so you don’t run out of battery.

Important: The app in the workaround presented above is designed by a 3rd party developer. If during the setup process of this app you encounter any issues with connecting the printer, then you need to contact the developer of this app.