What is the website scanner from the restaurant administration panel?

For online food ordering, the website represents the most important sales channel. However, not all websites are optimized for providing the visitor with a good ordering experience. There may be cases where the website is not optimized for mobile devices or the SEO of the website may not be configured for best results.

However, most restaurants do not know this, which is why the restaurant admin panel includes a simple analyzer tool that scans the website and provides a list of potential improvements that either you or the web admin of the restaurant can implement.

You will be able to insert your domain name along with other restaurant details, here:


This website analyzer can be accessed from the restaurant admin panel in the Online Health section, like this:


After you have inserted the restaurant website domain name, the analyzer will scan for potential improvements:


And display the results of the scan:


You can check the necessary improvements for each section, like this:


Or send them directly to the website’s webmaster through the Fix this button:


Like this:


An email describing all these issue will be generated, like this:


You may always go back and re-scan after website updates, to check if the issues were fixed.