Is there an option to re-order form client’s history?

What details are saved by the system? Is re-ordering available?

Our solution is designed to keep things simple and straightforward for the mainstream usage even if this means to cover poorly the exceptions.

What details are saved by our system?

For trivial details such as name, email, address, etc., the online ordering widget is storing a local cookie on the client’s browser, so that clients normally are asked only once for their details.

So next time they order, all their details are automatically pre-filled.
Of course, if they set the browser to delete cookies on browser exit this will not work, but most people don’t do that.

This will also work flawlessly in the context of online payments but for security reasons there is a twist.

The online payment details are stored over the cloud in a secure PCI-compliant vault and we associate a token for them that goes hand-in-hand with that local cookie explained above.
If the cookie details were not changed the cloud “validates” the card association and the same credit card can be used again by the same client with the same contact details.

Important: the credit card details will not be visible or disclosed in any manner. What the client will see next time, is a format like this: “ending with 2341” – just to recognize and to know that his credit card can be reused. Like this:


From a security standpoint all is state of the art. From a usability standpoint, it is very intuitive. We also believe this is best for conversion and the sales at the end of the day.


The idea of pre-filling the cart and allow the client to re-order what they ordered last time, we find it bad for sales therefore we do not provide this “not so nice to have” feature because:

  • the restaurant may have changed its menu and not serve exactly the same dish with the same options => trying to reorder => error => frustrated client => lost client
  • the restaurant may not have in stock right now the same dish with the same options => trying to reorder => error=> frustrated client => lost client
  • the restaurant may have changed its promotions and not serve exactly at the same price with the same options => trying to reorder => error => frustrated client => lost client
  • the restaurant may have other interesting stuff to present in the menu but since the client bypasses the menu with quick reordering => no up-sell done => low value order.

In all these cases, the restaurant will lose up-selling opportunities and clients. Therefore we consider that we should not allow such options  even if possible (e.g. supermarkets never let clients out on the same door that they have entered even if they can).

We designed a system for restaurants that are interested to build their own food client base with simplified operations and sales maximization. Re-ordering does not fit this vision.