Is there a way to customize the confirmation emails?

We took several initiatives to use a high quality email server which ensures that the emails will not end up in clients’ spam folder.

The confirmation emails are just a back-up way of communication with the client. Most successful restaurants confirm orders in less than 60 seconds and clients typically rely on the real-time confirmation progress bar right when theirs order was placed. So only 5% or even less of those emails are actually read, and most people just watch the on screen order confirmation, especially if they’ve ordered before and know how this works. Therefore there is not much practical reason to customize those emails in the first place.

However, if the intention is to follow up with some additional information over email to the food clients, a possible way to do this is to take advantage of the API we provide.  With the help of a local developer you could parse some food client and order details to create own custom emails flow and mailing setup.

Here is documentation for the API.

But this typically requires some advanced parsing development to decide and get the relevant data from our API into any 3rd party custom mailing service or server.

Specifically for mailing, take a look at these providers and just  integrate directly our API with theirs:

Alternatively, for small scale mailing setups, it is possible to export the clients list, including their emails or phone numbers, for email or text messages campaigns. Like this: