How to discover the Bluetooth thermal printer

In the event that the order taking does not connect to a supported printer, the reason may be that the printer name is different from the name on the label of the printer. This may happen sometimes when the printer name was set to a generic one in the factory production line (eg: BT304, Epson TM Printer, etc., instead of the printer name e.g. TM-T20II, TM-m30).

The following troubleshooting guide uses the TM-m30 model as an example, but the same steps can be applied to other supported Epson thermal printers:

Pair the Epson TM-m30 via Bluetooth with the Android device (classic Bluetooth pairing), then go to device Settings -> Bluetooth, and check the name of the printer: it should be TM-m30.

If the name of the printer is BT304 or Epson TM Printer, then the name needs to be changed to the one on the label, in this example TM-m30 .

For this, install this app on the device where the order taking app is installed:



From this app, change the name of the printer to TM-m30, then restart the printer.

In a similar way, it is possible to troubleshoot for other printer brands, e.g. Star. If the printer is among the supported models but cannot be discovered in the restaurant app (or if the printer name appears as Star TSP Printer or similar), use the StarIO utility app, to change the printer name to the one on the label of the printer, for example TSP143III.

Android StarIO SDK utility app:

IOS StarIO SDK utility app:

From this app, change the name of the printer to the one on the printer label, then restart the printer.

Important: Make sure the printer is not paired / used by any other device (it is not possible to run multiple simultaneous connections via Bluetooth). The thermal printer should be paired only with the Android / iOS order taking device.

Afterwards it should be possible to discover the printer in the restaurant order taking app.